FREE GIFT #1 - How to Stop Procrastination - The Beginning Step for Bliss

  • Discover the reasons why we procrastinate
  • Discover why procrastination is a self management problem
  • Discover if you are a chronic procrastinator and why
  • Discover the reasons why procrastination may be the root cause of your illness or disease
  • Discover why “to do list” do not work for procrastinators
  • Discover ways to shift your brain so that you move from procrastination to Action!
  • Discover the “trigger” to reverse procrastination immediately

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FREE GIFT #2 - The Blissful Living Meditation Series ~ Calm, Restore, Ignite

This is a meditation series designed to ease chaos and restore stability, gratitude, and compassion, Bliss and ignite the spark within you.

There are a set of ease to follow instructions and 3 separate meditations designed to restore balance to your mind, body and brain.

These meditations will increase your energy and improve the quality of your sleep. Quality sleep is a key component for Wellbeing and Bliss.

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FREE GIFT #3 - The Undefeated Mind

  • Discover how to increase your resilience
  • Discover how to increase your strength and make yourself stronger
  • Discover what it means to free yourself from suffering
  • Discover how to decide how victory is achieved for you
  • Discover what ‘s the most important question you should be asking yourself to achieve happiness
  • Discover what makes you strong
  • Discover the key to finding your life’s purpose
  • Discover how to manage your negative thoughts so that you keep going forward
  • Discover why it is important to manage your expectations to achieve Success

Value: $97

FREE GIFT #4 - Recipes for Energy, Balance & Health

Part of Blissful Living is having optimal health and wellbeing to be able to do all that we wish to do.  When we have the energy to sustain the needs of our mind, body and brain we are healthier, feel great and look fabulous.  Eating is a major contributor to our health and wellbeing. When we can enhance our energy naturally, we are doing something very good for our wellbeing and giving our body what it deserves.

These recipes are all natural, healthy and balancing for the mind, body and brain. They are designed to keep the body naturally energized without adding weight to the midsection. In fact, one recipe in the group is designed to assist with digestion and increase metabolism, which will naturally assist with weight loss. Can you guess which one it is?

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Free Gift #5 Answering the Call Audio – Chapter 29

An audio version of a how answering your call can lead to success and a life of bliss from the Best Selling “ Answering The Call,” with Lisa Sasevich. This chapter won the Editor’s Choice Award. Let the wisdom of this audio ignite you to step into your purpose and begin a life of Bliss.

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Free Gift #6

Blissful Living Video Series

Value: $197


Affirmations and Mantras in your Path to Bliss

Love and Wellbeing

15 Steps to a healthier you

Eating for Health and Balance

Excercise for Less Stress

Get Moving and Reduce Your Stress

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Breathe Deep Stress Less

Meditation in Your Daily Living

The Art of Meditation

More Benefits of using Essential Oils

How do I use Essential Oils

Total Value: $685 (Yours FREE)